Words are powerful. They inspire us into action, provoke a response and show how much we care by how carefully we choose them. Learning how to lean in, listen close, show up and own up are all marks of skilful leadership. And it’s that kind of leadership that helps us have the conversations that matter.

We coach, mentor and educate leaders to support them in creating positive cultural change that leads to world-class safety performance. And we do that by being curious about what makes people tick. We do it be leaning in, listening close and showing up. And we do it through game changing tools and techniques that help everyone get on board to make the world a safer place for all.

Companies utilising our products and services report reducing fatalities and serious injuries to zero, substantially lowering error and event rates, and achieving excellent employee engagement.


Training & 

We offer a variety of courses and workshops in the following areas:
- Human & Organisational Performance (HOP)
- Advanced Error Reduction
- Personality Diversity
- Effective Written Guidance
- Incident Analysis

We typically follow a three phased approach - education, integration and sustainability. Our goal is to help you build internal capabilities to drive sustainability of the training. 

Coaching &

All of our consultants are certified coaches and are passionate about making a difference with the people they work with. With a wealth of knowledge and experience across many different heavy industries, our team can help you take the next leap in performance. 

Incident Analysis

Our team are experienced safety professionals and can support your team with your HSEQ efforts in an advisory capacity based on our many years of experience. 

We can also assist in leading and/or supporting your incident analysis teams, as well as providing education around performing even more effective cause analysis, really getting to the root of the event. 

Contact us for more information. 


We work across many different industries where the need to eliminate and minimise errors is of the utmost importance