Videos & Interviews

Essential Leadership Cycle Podcast

With Rob Fisher 

This podcast touches on a number of different topics including:
- Ian's career pathway that has lead to specialising in Human & Organisational Performance
- Responding to events
- Systems-driven behaviour
- Working in North Korea!
- Ian's new book

An Interview with Rob Fisher & Lewis Senior

Interviewed by Laura Senior-Garcia (COO Equilibria Services) 

A fireside chat with Rob Fisher (President and COO of Fisher Improvement Technologies) and Lewis Senior (CEO of Equilibria) about impacting people and lives all over the globe. 

Interview with Rob Fisher & Rachit Jain

Addressing the Human Element in Maritime

A discussion with Rob Fisher, President of Fisher Improvement Technologies, and Rachit Jain, Managing Director of Safe Lanes, to talk about some of the upcoming regulations and need to address the human element in the shipping and maritime industries and what companies can be doing to address these. 

Error Reduction Tool

Verbalise, Point & Touch

A short video demonstrating one of the simplest yet most powerful error reduction tools - Verbalise, Point & Touch. See how the Japanese rail system has used this team to deliver world class safety performance and how you can use it also. 

Walk & Talk

Risk Tolerance

In this video, Ian Collins shares some thoughts around managing risk and what constitues acceptable levels of risk.