Online and In-Person Delivery

Our team are licensed and experienced trainers currently offering the following workshops and more:
- Advanced Error Reduction in Organisations (AERO)
- Human & Organisational Performance
- Root Cause & Incident Analysis
- Written Procedural Excellence
- Intentional Leadership Workshop
- Personality Diversity Individual & Team Workshops

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Throughout this course, you will learn what human performance and error reduction are and how to practically apply proven tools and techniques to reduce your probability of error. With just over 1-hour of video-based lessons and an estimated completion time of 1.5 hours, this is the most effective and efficient way for you and your team to benefit from error reduction technologies!


Participants of this course will obtain a deeper knowledge of error reduction with the introduction of the impact of personality
tendencies, plus learn the tools that enable individuals and organisations to
reduce the probability of human error during task performance and effectively mitigate consequences when errors occur. This 3-hour self-paced workshop is hosted by Rob Fisher and includes interactive questions to check your knowledge and understanding of the concepts provided.


In this workshop, you will learn a structured approach to problem-solving incidents that challenge your company, the employees, customers, or the general public. The workshop will consist of narrated content and interactive questions to check your knowledge and understanding of the concepts provided. Upon completing this online workshop, the participant will learn how to conduct effective Cause Analysis for minor Incidents and identify Corrective Actions capable of reducing the risk of recurrence. 


This online course is designed for individuals seeking initial training as procedure writers, written guidance developers who may already have some experience but are trying to get better, and individuals who may lead teams that are developing written guidance. The course equips the student with the knowledge and skills that enable designing and performing more efficient and effective processes that result in better field performance. The course is also beneficial for leaders who provide oversight for procedure development/review processes and subject matter experts who may be a part of the review and approval process.


A structured approach to
understanding and dealing with deviations

- Understand human and
organisational performance concepts as they relate to how and why people deviate from rules
- Understand the definitions and probabilities associated with errors, deviations, and violations 
- Understand the Deviation Analysis tool and the practical applications of the tool
- Understand Deviation Potential and how to predict where deviations may impact performance
- Practice analysing deviations using the tool


Leverage personality diversity to improve self-awareness, communication, teamwork and
leadership to: 
- Better understand, work with and
influence those around you
- Reduce your level of frustration caused by people that you don't understand
- Develop stronger personal and professional relationships by communicating more effectively
- Enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace through a deeper understanding of personalities
- Strengthen relationships with family, friends, and your community