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Why the E-Colors?

The E-Colors process helps to identify different personality styles, which enables people to better understand themselves and those around them. It leads to a heightened awareness that we do not all think and act the same and that we all have different communication styles and behavioral tendencies. The understanding of the richness of diversity of thought and the management of our tendencies through Personal Intervention are basic principles that enhance organisational performance.

Key differentiators with the E-Colors 


Keeping the tool simple has been the foundation of its success. The E-Colors are deliberately designed as a simple indicator that will quickly identify your natural tendencies, including strengths and potential limiters. We work internationally with people of many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. Simplicity is key to have a tool that can be applicable in very diverse areas.


Applicability builds on the simplicity of the E-Colors process. We have found that other tools in the market tend to be more introspective and detailed which in some cases can hinder the usability and applicability of the tool. The success of the E-Colors and Personal Intervention lies in the use of the tools. The E-Colors gives users an immediate indication of their own personality styles as well as others that are part of the system; this knowledge can then be applied in terms of behavioral management (Personal Intervention), allowing us to tailor our approach, communication and relationship building with people. 

Speed / Impact

Another differentiation point we have found implementing E-Colors & Personal Intervention is the speed at which it can have an impact (typically due to its simplicity and applicability). We find that just by being coached through their Premium Report, participants leave equipped with a tool that can have an immediate impact at home and in their workplace. This impact is typically seen in terms of respect for diversity of thought, effective communication & teamwork, behavioral management leading to reduced incidents and personal development. 

Tools for life

We like to think of our tools as life tools, E-Colors and Personal Intervention help users become the best person they can be at home and at work as well as developing skills when dealing with others. We have found in many cases that the use of these tools at home impact the individuals family life positively which will then positively influence the performance of the individual in the workplace.

Coaching framework

We use the E-Colors as a coaching framework, rather than boxing people in terms of their personality (e.g. your personality style, means you will be good at X job) we have a coaching framework approach. Individuals that are aware of and understand themselves will now have the right tools to manage their behavior (Personal Intervention) and develop their approach to fit the requirements of the specific situation. 

Continuous research

The way Equilibria compile information about the E-Colors is through asking people to fill out surveys that are online after completing their Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) survey. These answers are then grouped and the most popular ones from the different E-Color combinations are published in our materials. This process allows Equilibria to continuously research new information about what shapes the decisions / personalities of different individuals. Publishing the answers helps build personal awareness in different areas leading to a higher degree of likelihood to manage the tendencies.

An ethical approach

The E-Colors and associated tools have been designed with the strongest ethical approach in mind to ensure they help people grow and develop instead of limiting or discriminating people in any way. During our workshops, our set of ethics and guiding principles are discussed in detail and we will always encourage you to embrace these to maximise the potential of your people and organisation.


 The E-Colors is a personality diversity tool used all over the world which individuals love, and teams can see results from immediately. 
We are licensed and trained to certify you in becoming an E-Colors Practitioner. Find out more below. 


An E-Colors Certified Practitioner is someone who has been trained and certified to use Equilibria's proprietary product, the E-Colors, in their coaching and/or consulting work. The Practitioner is able to offer         E-Colors Premium Report coaching through their own business or within their own organisation. 


The E-Colors process has been used to huge positive effect all over the world by individuals and organisations to drive practical results around communication, teamwork and leadership. With a relatively low barrier to entry compared to being certified in other personality tools, becoming an E-Colors Certified Practitioner is a high-impact tool you can add to your toolbelt to help your clients elevate their performance. 


We will guide you through the process of becoming an E-Colors Certified Practitioner which will include training in using the tool, familiarity around its ethical and effective use, and validation. Ongoing support will also be provided as required. 


Becoming an E-Colors Certified Practitioner is ideal for coaches, consultants, trainers and people development professionals looking to help their clients and workforce increase their levels of self and team awareness, drive better communication and engagement, and develop leadership. 

Coaches Consultants Trainers HR & Organisational Capability

HR & Organisational Capability

As a Human Resources and/or Organisational Capability specialist, you help your people grow inside of their roles and inside of the organisation. It's one thing to be more aware of one's strengths and potential limiters. You also need to be able to apply this knowledge to deliver even better performance. 

As an E-Colors Certified Practitioner, you can give your people a deeper understanding of themselves and their teammates and identify opportunities for growth. With one of the most practically applicable personality indicators available on the market, you can help people put into action what they learn about themselves and others to drive better performance, engagement and collaboration. 

Please note, the E-Colors is not typically used in hiring or promotion processes.  

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